Company¡¯s development targets and core idea: Strives constantly for self-improvement, keeps pace with the times.
 Enterprise Spirit: exploration and innovation, integrity and pragmatic.
  Business Philosophy: takes all possible opportunities for success.
  Management Concept: to emotionally rally people, constraint people by rules.
  Cost Concept: cost reduces but quality increases, saving is earning, only lower costs, no lowest.
  Service Concept: treats the customer sincerely, treats the employers kindly.
  Quality Concept: implementation of the standard is the obligation of the whole staff; standard realization is the common responsibility.
 Market Concept: exploiting the market, occupying the market.
  Sales Concept: abiding by the partnership, sharing weal and woe.
  Operating Concept: the post is a responsibility, please try your best to do everything.
  Safety Concept: treasures the life, pays attention to safety, takes preventive measures, self-reliance security.
  Professional Ethics: to love your job, to fulfill your duty.
  Learning Concept: works all along, learning never ends.
  Employment Concept: people-oriented, enables each person to show his talents,    knows one's gifts and assigns him properly, a wider selection of people, chooses a person without doubts, treats people sincerely.
  Development targets: realizes the outputs of bentonite and activated argil up to 200,000 tons by the year 2010, doubling the industrial production value.
Address: Manjing Town, Renshou County, Sichuan Province, P.R China. Zip Code: 620500